Have you noticed these markings on your bags of snack food in the store yet

Take heed, as I hope that this continues so we can become educated and know what we’re paying for.

I’ll give you the 5 top reasons to avoid GMO “food”.  I say food in quotes, because can we really call it that?  Isn’t it really processed food since man actually created it in a lab.

The 5 top reasons to avoid GMO food:
1) Intestinal and Digestive Problems – Are these common?
2) Auto-Immune Disorders – More and more every year.
3) Obesity – Seems to be the norm now.
4) Allergies – Are rampant with the young.
5) Cancers – Do I even need to say anything?

All of these have been linked to GMO food.  There are many more!

It is difficult to prove causation because these things take much time to develop.

But, the sharp rise in the incidences of these conditions since our food has been manipulated cannot be ignored.

The 10 most GMO-ed crops are:

Corn,  2) Soy,  3) Potato,  4) Canola Oil,  5) Papaya,  6) Squash,  7) Sugar Beets,  8) Cotton,  9) Zucchini, 10) Peas  11) Tomato,  12) Apple, 13) Rice,  14) Salmon

Now, GMO salmon is just disgusting!   Why would they do that?

I give a list of 10 foods, but the list just grows and grows.

How do you avoid them?

Eat organic, buy from your local farmers and Ask Questions.  Ask if any of their crop is GMO seeds and if they spray the crop and how much.  Ask, Ask, Ask. They love it, because they usually have a superior product and they want to share about it.

Ask particularly if they spray the crow with Round Up or Glyphosate. If they do, then their crop is definitely GMO.

You see, the only way that we can change how our food is grown and how pure and safe it is, is by voting with our dollar bills. What we choose to spend money on will direct the market.

Don’t be a conformer, ask questions in order to protect yourself and your family.

The truth is, we may not know the effects for some time and it is not worth the risk.

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