Can your food cause you pain?

A quick story. I had a male patient of about 52 years old. Seemingly good health. No medications aside from the occasional pain reliever that he was taking more often lately. He came in complaining of hand pain. He said that his joints of hands were painful and stiff. This happened to be during the Holidays and we were talking about going to parties and eating good food and baking, etc. Just simple talk.

Then as he described his intestinal cramping as just an aside and the fact that the joint pain was worse when first waking up, I decided on something for him to try. I suggested that he stop eating all of a certain food for 2 weeks. He then decided that he would stop eating any form of this food since he had been eating that a lot over the Holidays.

He came in as planned the next week. He was excited and said that his hand pain went totally away within 3 days. He couldn’t believe it so he decided to eat a bunch of this food for the next couple of days. He said that the next morning his hands were stiff and they felt a little swollen.

It was then that he came to the realization that he just couldn’t go back to eating like that again. And to think that he was coming to see me so I could just tell him that he was suffering from Arthritis. Remember, arthritis is a finding, it is not necessarily a diagnosis. The cause of the joint inflammation and pain must be uncovered.

That was an obvious reaction and solution. But, sometimes it is not so clear, it takes more time or the client just can’t believe that there can be a connection. With the black and white information of a food sensitivity analysis we are now armed with the knowledge that we need to let our body heal. This is way the right test can make all the difference.

Here’s how it works. Our food enters the digestive system where there are billions of cells waiting to digest our food so that we can use the ‘pieces’ and also they are waiting for information to relay onto our immune and nervous system. Food is information.

Undigested or not fully digested protein can send allergy signals. A food sensitivity can send signals to produce inflammation because we have a foreign invader of our system.

Some foods signal to store fat, some signal to burn fat. Some foods feed our important bacteria that live inside our gut, while others destroy our friendly bacteria and feed the undesirables. We have to decide then how we are going to treat our body- with respect or disrespect. There can be consequences.

Remember, one man’s food is another man’s poison. Food can be medicine as well. Chose carefully what you eat and drink. A simple test can be very enlightening and can eliminate years of suffering from a seemingly unrelated symptom or even a labeled disease.

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