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functional_medicine2This is Your Health Investigator, your doorway to Functional Medicine and answers to your health concerns. We’re here to help you look beneath the surface, like the Iceberg.

Our modern culture is in a crisis, a crisis of Chronic Diseases. It is estimated that almost 50% of Americans suffer from a chronic illness. Source: Rand Corporation.

Nothing will eat through someone’s retirement and life savings like a chronic disease.

The current medical model is wonderful at treating acute life-threatening injury and illness. We have all heard of medical miracles battling infection and surgeries that seem almost futuristic.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.But what happens when we face a chronic illness that may have begun 20-30 years ago? Beneath the surface. These illnesses can have multiple causes and require a thoughtful investigation. The acute care approach is woefully unable to get to the bottom of chronic disease. We find that managing the symptoms without really addressing the cause is the approach of established medicine.  This falls short of what people seek for care.

YourHealthInvestigator.com is a place where you can get answers and solutions to chronic health problems. Feel at home to tell your story of what has happened to your health and actually have someone listen. A place that invites you to be a partner in your own health. Whether you need to regain your health or improve upon the health you now have.

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