Essential Oils, they have been used for many years.  They have been used effectively and are very safe.  But, choosing the right one can be tricky as well as expensive when you’re trying the ‘hit or miss’ method.

Let’s be honest, good essential oils are an investment.  I say good because the quality is so important for effectiveness and safety.  An oil that is un-pure or one that is diluted with a poor ‘carrier’ oil can cause upset to your system.

That being said, I love to use these pure formulas in practice for the fact that, they are very effective and people love the quick results.  I also like the fact that people can use them on their own and with their family once they learn how to choose the right one.

I use combination oils so that I have a broader effect as well as a better chance that someone will have quick success.  Quick results ensure that someone will follow through and use them in the future.  

Essential Oils are wonderful tools and I believe they should be on-hand like you would have a first-aid kit.  A go-to remedy in a pinch, as know it’s safety and effectiveness for many situations.

As the conscientiousness of the public changes to one of ‘Holistic’ health choices for themselves and their family, it is imperative to have something like this to make address life’s inevitable challenges.

The first doctor that anyone sees is themselves and in the case of a child, their loving parent. 

So, let’s choose the right Essential Oil for the right situation. 

I use only 6 Essential Oil combination formulas.  Yes, only 6 and they get the job done. 

It starts with a question (a word) and knowing each formula by name since the name indicates what they do best.

Here you go:

  1. Sore to Soar – Word = Pain

Overview – Sore to Soar supports the healing of anything that hurts, whether physical pain or emotional pain.  Address the pain so it does not create a physical response and overflow to another part of the body 

Emotions – Anger, rage, bitterness, frustration, insecurity, withdrawal and indifference 

Supported Organs – Musculoskeletal system, liver, gall bladder, intestines

Application Sites – Anywhere on area of pain, around the belly button, back of hands, top of feet, throat.  Do not apply to open skin 

2.   Black Cumin – Word = Emotionless

Overview – Black Cumin Oil or sometimes known as Black Oil, has been used for centuries.  Black Cumin supports your body as it receives and distributes nutrients for restoration.  This includes digestion, healthy blood and youthful skin

Emotions – Melancholy, emotionless (cannot see or experience color and beauty in life)

Supported Organs – Stomach, gall bladder, spleen, blood, lungs and skin 

Application Sites – Stomach, belly button, area under the ribs, ribs in the center back, skin, and a drop by mouth 

3.   Present Moment – Word = Scattered and negative thoughts

Overview – Present Moment balances the communication between brain and heart.  It supports your brain and nerves that are overwhelmed with emotional stress and/or painful memories that keep replaying in your head 

Emotions – Worry, obsessive thoughts, regret, negative memories and thoughts, anxiety, inability to focus, scattered thoughts

Supported Organs – Brain, nerves, heart, thyroid

Application Sites – Back of neck, throat, elbows, shoulders, hips, ankles

4.   Elite Harmony – Word = Chaos

Overview – Elite Harmony’s powerful blend of over 25 essential oils addresses the many aspects of life, chaos, and emotions.  Use Elite Harmony to bring your body and emotions back into balance so that you can heal

Emotions – Chaotic emotions

Supported Organs – All

Application Sites – Bottoms of feet, palms of hands, tail bone, between shoulder blades

5.   Heart Harmony – Word = Heartache 

Overview – Above all else, support the Heart as the Queen Bee.  Heart Harmony harmonizes communication between your heart and brain.  It enables your heart to relieve stress due to painful emotions and/or physical trauma

Emotions – Grief, sorrow, rejection, abandonment, shock, anxiety.  Things that make your heart hurt or race

Supported Organs – Heart, brain, blood

Application Sites – Chest, hands, wrists, back of neck, shoulders, hips, calves

6.   Immune Harmony – Word = Overwhelmed

Overview – Immune Harmony supports your body’s ability to filter toxins brought on by emotions, environment, illness, allergies, infection

Emotions – Guilt, fear, anxiety, overwhelmed by life or emotions

Supported Organs – Adrenals, kidneys, bladder, intestines 

Application Sites – Bellybutton, lower back towards tailbone, bottom of right foot

Take a moment to process each description and see the differences.

Note:  Keep these formulas on hand and even in your purse to use when most needed.  Sometimes workplaces or homes can require emotional assistance from the oils.

I also use them in baths, whether in a foot bath or in a bathtub.  This is a great way to immerse yourself in the healing oil.  I suggest using Epsom Salt in the baths, towel off and then go to bed.

For a foot bath, use a few scoops of Epsom Salt and put 5-10 drops of oil on the salt before you add the hot water.

For a bathtub, use 5-10 pounds of Epsom Salt and put 5-10 drops of oil on the salt before running your bath.

Keep in mind to use a very warm bath when soaking for 30-45 minutes.  It will take a good amount of hot water to dissolve the Epsom Salt, but be careful not to overdo the hot temperature of the water.  

See which method of utilizing the Essential Oils works best for you. 

I have patients that like to put the Essential Oil formulas in a vaporizer or even in a pinch, just open the bottle and place it in a warm area of the room to let it disperse into the air.  (Great when you have a sick child)

I even had someone take a bottle of Elite Harmony with them when they visited a certain relative.  They would secretly place the open bottle behind a photograph when they arrived.  They claimed that the dinner went more smoothly than ever!  Less Chaos! 

I also had a mother put an open bottle of Present Moment in her teenager’s room as she was studying for a big test.  She and her teenager felt that it assisted in her study anxiety as well as taking the test the next day when she applied the Present Moment to her Throat, Back of Neck and to her Elbows!

Choose well and experiment.  

I recommend the set of 6 formulas that available in a kit that has a 5-ml bottle of each oil.   You can purchase the 1-ounce bottle of any oil that you have greater use for.

You will be amazed at the quick successes that you and your family will have. 

Cheers and good health, Dr. Bill   

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