I often get asked this question, “My blood work came back normal, do you think that it was read correctly?”

Many times when we go to the doctor with a complaint or a goal in mind, such as weight loss, they order a blood test.

This will be the usual things that most doctors order as, ‘usual and customary’​.

If the tests come back with nothing flagged as high or low, we are assured that everything looks “a-okay”.  Is that necessarily true?

I also hear from people that, “My blood work cam back normal, but I still don’t feel right.”  “I was told that they will, watch it!” Really? Watch it do what?!

I tell you all of this, because there is a difference between having your blood work ‘read’ and having your blood work ‘analyzed’.  I’d rather have it analyzed, wouldn’t you?

Take a look at this example of blood work where it could be determined that there is nothing glaringly wrong, so just be happy.

This woman was having trouble losing weight and was wondering if anything would be detected through blood work.  Well, the answer is definitely yes, when it is properly analyzed.

Notice how many of the “normal” values would be flagged whenever we apply the Optimal Functional Values, to the analysis. This is important since blood chemistry reveals many dysfunctional ‘clues’ that help us start a plan of action before it is too late.

In this case, it revealed things within the blood chemistry that shed light on why this woman was having difficulty losing weight even though things appeared normal. 

Well, 5 more years down the road and 15 pounds more to her waistline and still no answers if an Functional Blood Analysis wasn’t done.  Can you see the time lost?


Sincerely, I want to help you get answers so they can assist you in solving health issues.  The right information, as you can see, means the difference between spinning ones wheels and wasting time vs getting what you want, results.

To your health and wellbeing, cheers!

Dr. Bill Howrilla

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