To become healthy, sometimes you have to break the rules!

Here are 6 rules that need to be broken in order for you to have good health.

  1. Aerobic exercise is best.
    Actually this is a myth. The best form of exercise is Interval Training. It is more natural. This type of training will have short bursts of all out effort followed by brief rest periods.

There is a method called Sprint 8 and also something called The Tabata Workout. The latter is quite intense, enjoy the challenge. Your workouts will be shorter and more focused to get the most out of them. Try good old: Jump rope, calisthenics, sprinting, shuttle run, bench pushups, jumping jacks…. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, try gardening.

You also have less chance of injury to your heart. Long bouts of aerobic exercise such as a 45 minute jog are not exactly healthy for your heart. Your heart will produce the same enzymes that it produces when there is a heart attack. This means injury is occurring to the heart muscle. Not good!!

And oh yeah, lift heavy things once in awhile such as your own body weight or hand weights. You will have so much more fun too whenever you learn some great routines for this type of workout. I recommend for some awesome routines that are based on your condition and skill level. Mix it up and have fun working out again!

2.  Hold the Tea and Coffee.
Nonsense! A cup or two of good Organic Coffee or Tea in the morning is a great pick-me-up and both have lots of Anti-oxidant Phytochemicals such as Polyphenols. These are great for our body and will help you live longer. Notice I said Organic, that part must be clear. They tend to spray a lot of chemicals on non-organic ….. well …… everything. Go for quality here.

I personally suggest to only grind your beans only as you need them to brew. It will be much fresher since the oils in the beans tend to oxidize and spoil quickly. We have all had that stale cup of Tea or Coffee at least once and it is not good. Plus you’ll miss the benefit of the Phytochemicals.

3.  Butter is bad and will clog your arteries.
Also nonsense! I can’t think of anything that tastes better than butter on my veggies. Now again, use Organic Grass Fed Butter. It is easy to find now and is full of nutrients such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fats.

I say Organic, because non-organic butter is one of the most toxic foods there is. Think of toxins as concentrating up the food chain. Plus they feed those milk cows GMO corn. Yikes!

I can’t say enough about synthetic butter and how you should avoid it. I don’t care if it says that it is manufactured using Organic Vegetable Oil. Stay away and never give it to your kids.

4. Eggs will clog your arteries too!
I can’t think of a more healthful and nutrient dense food that surpasses the egg. I will also recommend organic and locally raised chickens. Come on, you can definitely find them since owning chickens seems to be a new fad. Well, gladly offer to take those eggs off of their hands and ease their burden. Sometimes you will get them for free! But, I always offer to pay or to give them something in exchange. Like, tomatoes from my garden.

The egg does contain cholesterol but also has the nutrients to protect it from oxidation and to help your liver process it properly. The reason your arteries may get clogged is not because of cholesterol, it is because of inflammation and whether you have a genetic variance that allows damage to your arterial linings.

I will check for you whether you have a propensity towards arterial damage. Easy to address. This is the guy that ran 5 miles a week and was a vegetarian and still ended up with a heart attack, while everyone scratched their heads. Get checked if stroke and heart disease run in your family. There, enough said.

By the way, the cholesterol that is circulating in your veins when the check your blood is from the liver, not your food. If it’s high, it must be found out why your liver is producing so much.

5. Fat makes us Fat!
Nope, never did. In fact our body prefers to burn fat as fuel.

Sugar is what makes us fat. That, and all of the grain we tend to eat as Americans. Especially since the Government put Grain at the base of the Food Pyramid. Moronic.

Cut your sugar out, cut your bread and grains in half and watch the weight come off. You’ll feel less bloated and have less joint and muscle inflammation as well.

Now, you want to eat good fats such as: Avocado, Organic Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as nuts and seeds. I also like some Organic free range chicken, Fresh fish and Grass fed beef. Stay away from Farm Raised Salmon or other fish. Much of our sea food is imported and they don’t have the same clean standards that the U.S. has. Very dirty!

6. Alcohol is bad!
Some amount of alcohol is actually beneficial. Red wine is the king here! Reds have many anti-oxidants and polyphenols to help us live longer. Resveratrol found in red wine, is big in the news lately since it helps us live longer by protecting our DNA.

Micro brewed beer has many of the same benefits as wine, plus the medicinal benefits of Hops as an herb are only beginning to be appreciated. Those Monks!

Think of having a glass of wine or beer, slowing down, having conversation and laughing a lot. Good for the soul.

By the way, if you are extra sensitive to wine or beer, this means a genetic variance that can be addressed. It also means that you will be sensitive to some natural toxins that your body should be able to eliminate. Let me know so I can check and make recommendations.

Now, obviously moderation comes into play here for alcohol. Do I need to say more? Have 1 or 2, tops each day.

So, break the rules and live a longer more healthful life.


When I speak of these basic things, I often think of the groups of Centenarians that have been studied around the globe. (people that live unusually long lives)

They: drink homemade wine, eat eggs and butter, have coffee or tea, garden for exercise as well as dance. They laugh, love and are close to their communities and especially their families. How basic do you need it? No mysteries there.

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