Indigestion, GERD or is your stomach bloated with gas?

Too quickly does mainstream medicine feel that you have too much acid. The symptoms of too much and too little acid in the stomach are surprisingly similar. That’s why we need to know which one it is, because too little acid is much more common.

Try this simple test to see what your body is in need of.

During your next meal, have a 6 ounce glass of pure water next to you that you have put 2 tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider vinegar in.

Slowly sip the water and vinegar as you are eating your meal.

If following the meal, you feel that your symptoms have improved it means that you do not have enough stomach acid and that your pH within your stomach is malfunctioning.

What happens in the stomach if there is not enough acid to digest your food:

Proteins will Putrefy
Fats will become Rancid.
Carbohydrates will Ferment producing gas.

That is why when someone has GERD or the reflux of the stomach contents coming back up the esophagus, that taste is awful! And so is that feeling.

If you sip the water and vinegar during the meal and you feel worse or have pain in your stomach, it means that you may have some damage to the lining of your stomach that needs to be healed.

If you have pain and discomfort consider using simple things like Aloe Vera juice and Chlorophyll to help you heal.

Taking digestive enzymes, acid support and gall bladder support may be necessary, but it needs to be narrowed down which one you need or if you need it all.

In order to make enough stomach acid our body needs the proper nutrients: (Unrefined Salt, B Vitamins, Zinc, a good working Thyroid Gland and you must be properly hydrated)

Doing this simple Apple Cider Vinegar test is easy and many times it can help.

Also, food sensitivities can play a role. Stop eating sugar, dairy and grains like wheat for 1 week to see if you feel better. That will tell you something about your food sensitivities.

Does drinking coffee or alcohol make you feel bloated or gassy? Take note of how you feel and you can narrow down the offending food or drink on your own by stopping it for at least one week.

Try not to drink a lot of fluids during your meals to give your stomach a chance to digest the food. Restrict fluids to 6 ounces during the meal.

If you need the help of a Functional Medicine Practitioner to get to the bottom of your digestive problem, take action soon.

The digestive system is one of the more important systems in the body when it comes to effecting far reaching aspects of our health. You are what you eat so choose carefully.

Share with those that you care about.

Cheers and good health, Dr. Bill.





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