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The medical community has an acronym of ‘DRG’. It is known as ‘Diagnostic Related Group’.

It means that when someone comes to a hospital and is seen in the ER, Emergency Room or you are sent by your physician, you will be put into a Diagnostic Grouping for evaluation as well as admission.

The most common DRG and reason for admission to the hospital is Congestive Heart Failure, or ‘CHF’.

This diagnosis of CHF is growing by leaps and bounds. Many people are having their hearts fail on them and they are becoming weak, short of breath, tired, have swelling the legs and also have a rapid or irregular heart beat.

Do you know anyone like this? Chances are that you do.

This is a big deal and must be met head on by Functional Medicine or it will become worse and will look like a normal part of aging. 

Four of the Top 10 prescriptions are for Heart Disease or Cardiovascular Disease.

That should come of no surprise since the #1 killer of Americans is Cardiovascular Disease.

But, what of Congestive Heart Failure and why is it growing out of control?

The research is coming in and it is alarmingly simple.

This is what I mostly see:

  1. Vitamin deficiency – mostly B Vitamins
  2. Mineral deficiency – mostly Magnesium and Zinc
  3. Medication caused deficiencies of cellular energy producing nutrients
  4. Low Thyroid function
  5. Pathetically poor diet
  6. Diabetes – see #5

Here is the kicker. All of these are preventable!

So that makes CHF preventable, minus the congenital heart dysfunction, such as heart valve irregularity and other heart structural problems. This are things you are born with, but can still be managed.

I want to add one more surprise in here for you. I find that I need to add a #7. We live in a world full of Viruses and Inoculations with ‘Virus parts’ in them. I believe that this is taking a toll because of commonly weak immune systems so that people are having trouble dealing with the virus.

Epstein Barr Virus, ‘EBV’, is very common and lives in our system indefinitely for most folks. If our body has trouble dealing with the virus, it will grow and damage many different tissues.

EBV is a Herpes Virus and is mostly known for causing Mono. Mononucleosis is the “Kissing Disease” that can effect usually teenagers.

Most Viruses live in our system and causes no symptoms because they are kept in check, but may rear their ugly head later in life.  This is a great reason to take good care of our immune system and to stop interfering with it. (Toxins, drugs, sugar, inflammation)

So, how do you know which problem is the cause of the Congestive Heart Failure?

You test after the right comprehensive history and evaluation to see what your road has been. A simple Micro Nutrient Test will reveal individual weaknesses right away so they can be corrected.

Since Congestive Heart Failure is the most common reason for hospital admission it would seem obvious that this should be something we want to get ahead of.

If Heart Disease and Stroke run in your family or you have been put on any type of heart, cholesterol or blood pressure medication, I implore you to get ahead of it. CHF seems to be the natural course of these medications and disorders.

Being proactive in our health is the job of each and everyone of us. It’s never too late to start.

Please share this message with those you care about.

In the best of health,

Dr. Bill

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