Many people think that being and staying healthy is complicated, …… no it’s not.

Unless you have some hidden health issues that need uncovered or you have special circumstances, health is pretty simple.

Here are some simply put rules of health to get you started.

Yes, health boils down to just a few basic and actionable things and 3 of them are for free.

The 5 basic principles involve sun, water, movement, food, and sleep.

1) Get sun and breathe fresh air whenever you can. Please don’t burn your skin in the sun. That’s bad.

Consider taking vitamin D3 especially in the fall through spring. I start taking my vitamin D3 on the first day of Autumn and then stop, the first day of Spring.

Only 15-30 minutes of sun exposure is needed to make Vitamin D, but you must expose at least 40% of your body. It is very important to have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels every year.

2) Drink fresh pure water. Your body weight divided by 2 equals the amount of ounces everyday. A 200 pound man/2 = 100 ounces a day. Consider investing in a water purifier for your home, not just a water filter. Tip: Install a shower filter that removes Chlorine from the water. Your skin will thank you.

3) Move and Exercise at least 3-5 times per week. This could mean only 15 minutes a day. Pick something at your level of fitness and something you’ll enjoy. Try walking the dog or with the kids. I like to walk alone to clear my head.

Start with walking down the street to a particular landmark and then back. The next time try to go a little further and then choose some inclines and steps after you feel your strength growing.

4) Eat single ingredient real foods. Foods such as apple or carrot or fish. Don’t eat prepackaged food, so you may have to learn how to cook. I guarantee it is the most cost effective thing you can do for your health.  A variety of foods is best, learn to try different things.

Involve the kids or grandkids to teach them that food doesn’t come out of a box. I know it takes time, but I can’t think of a better investment of love for a family. Buy local and organic if you can, especially animal products. Try visiting some of the local farmer’s markets, you’ll be investing in your community as well.  Eat the rainbow!  Eat the colors from red to purple.

5) Sleep at least 7-9 hours a night. Preferably in a dark room at a cool temperature. Did you know that you produce anti-cancer hormones while you sleep? If you’re not sleeping well, then you’re not producing them in enough amounts. Sleep is a critical key to our longevity and is anti-aging in the right amounts.

If you need to sleep in an extra hour or 2 on weekends, do it.  If you rarely feel refreshed after you sleep and you are feeling abnormally fatigued talk to a Functional Medicine practitioner.

Park far away from a store entrance to get some of #1 and #3!

No matter what your genetics are, your genes are just waiting for signals from the 5 things mentioned above. Make sure you are sending the right signals to your genes.

If something is wrong with your health, then something went wrong or is wrong, with one or more of these 5 things. It is as simple and reliable as that.

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