Why is it that some people have success with looking things up on the internet regarding their health challenge and some people don’t?

Yes, I’m talking about Dr. Google!

I love Google and the ability to look things up. I do it all of the time and I love that clients come to me for help and they have already looked things up regarding their problem.

I think an educated client is the best client. Educated, meaning that they have begun the journey toward health on their own. The first step toward any journey is information, education and then understanding. This leads to a plan and the true journey towards health begins.

But why is is so hard for some people to get results on this journey on their own?

I mean, they looked up through Google or some other search engine about their health issue. They gathered information on what has worked for others. They even looked into what some experts have had to say.

Yet, they still seem to be struggling with the same chronic health issue for years to come. Why?

Here are some things that I have figured out over the years of helping people with Chronic Health Issues.

It is so similar to being a good CSI agent, it’s uncanny.

  1. We are all genetically different. These differences are beginning to be understood because DNA plays a role at the cellular level.
  2. We are all Biochemically different. Number 1 leads to this, but is only part of the story.
  3. The same named disease, whether it be Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Heart Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Lupus has been arrived at by different paths. We all have a different history, circumstances, stress level, eating habits and also, attitude.
  4. Similar symptoms does not mean that we have the same condition. (did you know that too much stomach acid and too little are almost identical symptoms?)
  5. Symptoms are only pieces of the puzzle. A pattern must be recognized.
  6. The correct testing is critical in finding the causes and the proof of them. Get reliable clues, if not, it’s just guessing. Costing time and money.
  7. We all experience stress and our environment differently.
  8. A good, no a great, client history is the key to resolving any chronic condition. The journey of how that got there must be traced and the client must be able to ‘tell’ their story.
  9. Medicine is designed to address symptoms and manage the disease, not to solve it.
  10. There is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ program that can help everyone. If there was, this would be much easier.
  11. There is no magic herb or concoction. Keep in mind that many herbs act like medicine in that they only manage the symptoms and still solve nothing. Not that this is a bad thing if this is what someone wants.
  12. There can be a lot of similarities when it comes to treatment plans, but it is the individual nuances that can make or break a plan.
  13. Each plan must be adapted as the plan is followed. Changes in the plan during its course seems to be the norm. These specifics must be recognized and acted upon.
  14. Commitment, compliance and follow through is everything. Giving up wheat because it is one of the root causes of your psoriasis is like being pregnant, either you’re pregnant or you’re not. There is no ‘halfway or partly pregnant’ or ‘halfway’ stopping the consumption of Gluten.
  15. Results must be monitored properly through retesting as well as reassessing the symptoms of the client. Things change! That, we can always count on.
  16. Honesty of symptoms and lifestyle habits must be taken into consideration. If you don’t give good honest information to a health investigator, how can they give you good advice.

Yes, some good preliminary investigation and information can come from Dr. Internet, but getting results so that things can get resolved takes understanding and experienced investigation.

The right kind of help and coaching can save years of suffering with a chronic condition as well as save thousands of dollars from wrongly applied information.

Giving up on solving a chronic condition that someone has is not an option. Getting answers and working as a team with a professional for health is the best way to solve health issues.

Sometimes admitting that you made need help is hard to do, especially when there is so much information out there to look at. Don’t get bogged down.

YourHealthInvestigator.com offers their services even if only as a second opinion of a difficult to solve health issue. Everyone can come in looking for a different approach or a different level of service. We can help.

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