Avoiding the sun seems to be a new part of our culture. Kids are slathered in creams with no regard to the toxic effects of the creams themselves.
Try not to put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t be wiling to eat. A good rule of thumb since the skin absorbs much of what is put on it.
Is skin cancer on the rise because we get too much sun? I’d hardly think so since we spend our time indoors more now than ever and we are constantly being told to fear the sun and take precautions.
So, why the title?
It has been found that people with very low Vitamin D levels tend to have high amounts of pain in their life. Vitamin D has Anti-Inflammatory effects.
What do: Pain syndromes, Arthritis pain and Central Sensitivity Syndromes like Fibromyalgia have in common?   Very Low Vitamin D levels.
Sun exposure to your skin also produces Nitric Oxide which is all over the TV and radio commercials telling you how you need to eat more beets. Are beets the only way to get this beneficial molecule?
No, get some sun because your skin produces Nitric Oxide when exposed to the sun.
Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. Remember the old Nitroglycerin pills your Grandfather had in case he felt any chest pain/angina? It helped to quickly release Nitric Oxide for an artery relaxing effect. Then the pain went away.
Both Vitamin D and Nitric Oxide are involved in the reduction of pain which is great news for someone suffering from pain.
Now, let’s not get too much sun. It seems to be human nature to think that because a little of something is good, then more must be better. Not so fast.
Getting 15-30 minutes of sun day would probably work for most people. You want to try to expose close to 40% of your skin. After that, cover up and limit your exposure.

Don’t lather up with toxins on your skin, clothing is the best sunblock that there is. Well, next to going indoors or under a roof.  Please don’t burn, that’s bad.
Having a nice base tan is your body’s way of creating its own sun screen, so work on it slowly.
So, when you are looking forward to warmer weather, remember to get your skin exposed to the sun. It can reduce your pain and can even reduce your blood pressure.
Get outdoors everyone! Enjoy the sun and get moving!

P.S. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the sun for about 10-15 minutes, I can feel the energy going into my body.  It almost feels primal in some way!
Yours in health, Dr. Bill Howrilla

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