Contact Reflex Analysis or CRA, assesses the energy connections within the body for a Health Analysis.   CRA analyzes the Energy Flows as they relate to the Organ Systems, Cells, and Glands of the body.

By testing the muscle energy indicator as a way to analyze the body and check the Energy Flows, the practitioner can determine what dysfunction priorities are causing imbalances within the patient.

The shift of the muscle response will determine whether or not there is an imbalance at the Organ contact point.

After the indication of an imbalance in that system, one can analyze if the system is running Negative, too slow ( interfered with) or Positive, too fast, (overworking) to counteract an interference or to support another system that is running too slow.

Energy imbalances within and between the Organ Systems is the cause of disease.   Balance is the Key to the Miracle that is the Human body.  Once the imbalances can be addressed, the Miracle of Healing can occur.

Imbalances not only occur as Biochemical/Nutritional, but they can also occur as Emotional and Structural as it affects our Nervous System. 

As you can see, this can be a wonderful and safe way to analyze a person that is suffering from a Health Condition but can be equally valuable to analyze someone that is trying their best to remain Healthy.

“Manage your Health, not Your Disease” is probably the best way to see CRA and how it can be the key to good health.   The body is capable of Healing itself once the imbalances can be detected and then supported.

Yours in Health.