We hear from a client that felt that she was aging too quickly and that after dealing with a traumatic event 9 years ago, she felt that she never fully recovered and her health suffered greatly from it.

She is now 60 years old and was suffering from: joint and muscle pain, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain, fatigue and headaches. Overall she stated that she didn’t feel like herself and she felt this weird feeling of, aging too quickly. She said that she resisted complaining about it since most of her friends suffered from the same symptoms. Was this what getting older is like?

Since she loved jogging in the past, she was determined to get back in shape and regain her health. It was just out of the question right now.

My diet had suffered from the ‘crazy cravings’, but I couldn’t help it. I was using my food to make up for my energy problems, but I know I was just making things worse.

“I just needed someone to take a look at me objectively and tell me what I needed to do!”

We determined that she had several food sensitivities, low blood sugar and was suffering from Adrenal fatigue.

“The passing of my father just broke me. I had nothing left and was running on fumes.”

We addressed her weak Adrenal glands, her blood sugar problems and suggested food that would nourish her, not prop her up.

Within 3 short months her pain was minimal, she was sleeping soundly and she has begun an exercise program. She is not jogging yet but she is doing aerobic cross training which has become a new love.

The weight loss of 32 pounds is a nice serendipity even though she was not putting that as a priority. The commitment to become more healthy and regain what health was lost, has solidified her confidence within herself.

She likes to tell me that she has not felt this good in over 20 years!

She still has much stress in her life, but feels that she is handling it better, both physically and mentally.

If you feel that you are going down the wrong path when it comes to your health, you feel that something is wrong or maybe you just need some answers, start your discovery process today.

Have a complementary 10 minute discovery consultation to see if the Functional Medicine approach is right for you.

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