Do you get occasional Allergies?  You’re not alone.

Whether they are Seasonal, Pollen, Dust or Pet dander, allergies are quite common.

There are practical, safe and natural ways to fight off allergies, it is good old Vitamin C.

Allergies are the result of Histamine release into the blood stream. It is caused when our immune system gets exposed to a foreign particle, (actually a protein).

When Histamine is released we get the symptoms of allergy:

Running Nose
Watery Eyes
Slight Fever and it can almost feel like a mild Flu

That’s when people reach for AntiHistamine medication which can have many side effects.

Tingling of Mouth or Throat
Chest tightness
Dry mouth
Fast or Irregular heart beat

In fact if you have High Blood Pressure, heart condition, or some medications you cannot take Over the Counter allergy medication.  Be careful.

Taking Vitamin C at 2000 mg per day can lower Histamine by 40%! Naturally.

Try to take in divided dosages to get a longer lasting effect. Such as 500 mg several times a day.

To get an even better AntiHistamine effect make sure your Vitamin C contains Quercetin.

Quercetin is a Bio-flavonoid that occurs in nature along with the Vitamin C. It makes Vitamin C work even better. I guess that’s why nature put them together in the fruit and vegetable.

Try to stay away from Vitamin C that just says Ascorbic Acid as the ingredient. This is usually synthetic and doesn’t work as well.

The only side effect of too much Vitamin C is a loose stool or sometimes diarrhea.

So, next time you have an allergic reaction coming on, a season allergy or if you’re going over to the neighbors house and they have a cat or dog, take the Vitamin C with Quercetin prior to going over.

It is natural and it works great.  Share with those you care about and those that go through your tissue boxes.

Cheers and good health, Dr. Bill

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